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Guest Release Agreement

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In consideration of entry on and use of property, facilities or equipment of Eagleville Soaring Inc. or Eagleville Flying Service , LLC, I voluntarily assume all risk of accident or damage to my person and property, and do hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, release Eagleville Soaring Inc. and Eagleville Flying Service , LLC, together with their directors, officers, agents and/or members from all claims, demands and causes of action arising out of, or related to, my activities as a guest of Eagleville Soaring Inc. I also acknowledge these same consideration apply to any additional family guests listed by on this form.

Important medical consideration: I certify that I have no known medical conditions that would make it unsafe for me to fly in a glider. If I am signing as the parent or guardian of the fuest taking the ride, I also certify that that person has no known medical condition that would make it unsafe to fly in a glider.